Coleman Rigg is an up and coming artist with an intriguing style that blends modern Alternative Rock with early Rock n’ Roll. Warm and powerful, Rigg’s voice is reminiscent of a time when bands were built around a vocal – and it demands the same attention. His sound differs with modern rhythms and melodies that are complimentary to his classic style. With sharp, reflective, and often-times personal lyrics, Rigg is a unique, yet relatable storyteller.

“A modern, genuine, and humble extension of an era when artist’s intentions were pure.”


Rigg’s self-made EP is a first glimpse into his songwriting, and serves as a starting point in his musical journey. Recorded over the past year in Rigg’s own home, his debut EP is a testament to both his musicianship and his vision as a producer. The organic, raw sonics are likely to invoke nostalgia, but as the songs are dissected, the EP feels increasingly complex and progressive. Rigg’s debut goes far beyond mimicking past eras of music – he is pushing them forward in new, exciting ways.

In October 2018, Coleman formed The Ridge Runners to fill out his live sound. Coleman Rigg & The Ridge Runners have since been taking stages across Philadelphia to bring to life the visionary EP that started it all.