Started as a solo project in 2018, Coleman Rigg released his self titled EP to launch himself into the Philly music scene. Shortly after release, Rigg began to form a band to take his songs to live audiences in Philly, thus bringing The Ridge Runners to life. Throughout 2019, the band took stages all across the city, honing in their live performances, and developing their own sound and identity.

As the band continued playing shows, Rigg began working on new material with the band, and blended together the sounds each member brought to the group. These efforts first came to fruition in late 2019 when the band recorded their first EP, Characters Living in Screens, at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, working with local legend Brian McTear to produce the record. McTear and the band also worked with Matt Poirier as the engineer on the record.

The EP was released in the height of the pandemic in 2020, but still was received favorably, despite the band not being able to support it with shows. Lead singles Too Close and Followers showed promise for the group, creating a powerful guitar rock sound with melodic hooks – a sound that was unique to the Philly music scene.

Through the rest of 2020, the group worked together virtually on new songs, enough to round out a full length record. The album’s lead single, If You Really Wanna Know, was released in Spring of 2021, followed by their full-length album in Summer 2021. You can stream the debut album today on all major platforms.